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It's all about the &

This was by far the most elaborate, innovative and productive science public engagement project I have come across (both as observer and collaborator)
— Dr Jana Funke

As educators & theatre makers, Clay & Diamonds (formerly Cinelive) seek to ask questions & evoke curiosity in our partners & audiences. Our work allows us to explore humanity & strengthen our communality through open and frank collaborations between artists & scientists.

Drawing together the artistic & scientific method offers a rich opportunity that comes out of their contrast & compatibility. While one looks for questions & the other for answers, both science & art look to examine & express nature with practitioners in each thriving off creativity & precision. At Clay & Diamonds, we bring together artists, scientists & audiences to explore the whole picture. Through unusual collaborations, we create space for full & open discussion around the nature of life. This defines the work that we make.

Our name Clay & Diamonds is taken from Virginia Woolf's novel 'Orlando':

"Nature, who has played so many tricks upon us, made us so unequally of clay and diamonds ... who delights in muddle and mystery ... has contrived that the whole assortment shall be lightly stitched together by a single thread"

Woolf captures the magnificent & confounding complexities of nature. While “clay & diamonds” conjures a different & beautiful image for each person, for us it strikes a single note in particular. In Christian mythology, clay is the substance from which God made Adam in His own image. On the other hand, at a chemical level, diamond is a giant molecule of carbon, the element widely recognised as fundamental to the existence of life. The space between the contrasting narratives posed by culture & science is where we love to play.

We are, in our DNA, an educational organisation. We create opportunities for artists & scientists to build playful & insightful learning experiences for audiences both young & old. Our work encourages curiosity & reveals delicate textures to those that engage with it. 

As we have found and continue to find, it is all about the &.



In that spirit, we would like to thank our funders, whose support has made it possible for our work to happen and our practice to grow.

And we would also like to thank all our previous and current partners. These collaborations have made our work a fascinating privilege to make since we began. Long may it continue!