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Educational Background

Clay & Diamonds (formerly Cinelive) started at school. George and Andy, two teachers in the English Department at Plumstead Manor School in London, loved immersive theatre and wondered what the students would make of it.

What could go wrong? Immersive theatre should be weird, surprising, fun, and interactive; in other words, all the things they wanted for the students in their classrooms. In 2012 they put on an immersive Bugsy Malone with and for the students in the school and found that yes, this is a format that works for young people on a different level to how it does with grown ups. Children are often more ready to imagine and play. They started to explore how to use that excitement as a jumping off point, so that children and young adults to step inside a vibrant and fluid world of creative learning.

To date, Clay & Diamonds have delivered projects with and for over 2,500 young people in England, Scotland, Wales and Kosovo, 86% of whom want to be involved in our work again.

it was completely different to anything I’ve been to before but it was a sick way to look back through history. All the actors were amazing
— West Midlands Sixth Form Student
the performance allowed for learning in a different and more interesting way
— South East Key Stage 4 Student


Our pedagogy has been developed over George and Andy's collective 23 years' experience in the arts and education. In that time, Clay & Diamonds have worked with major figures within the education sector from BFI Education, who have supported Clay & Diamonds since 2014, through to Education teams at the National Trust, TOKA (Kosovo), and dozens of schools and arts education practitioners.

Below you will find the key principles that guide all decision-making with regard to Clay & Diamonds' engagements with students and schools.

Clay & Diamonds' educational work seeks to be...











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Educational Resources

Thus far, Clay & Diamonds have developed resources that explore the human brain, body and heart.

Should any teachers wish to explore some of this subject matter, feel free to browse and download the content by clicking the buttons below or the navigation dots to the right.

Our work is interdisciplinary (cross-curricular). These resources are generally focused towards Science but they resonate with other subjects within the curriculum - particularly PSHE.

Resource Packs

Resource Packs are often augmented through the addition of video content stored online, links to which you will find in the Lesson Plans, Teacher Packs and on this page. These videos include content delivered by university researchers as well as performers.

Resources for THE BODY are still under development and will be published later in2017.


Please click the buttons below for the relevant legal policies that govern Clay & Diamonds' engagements with children and young people. These are updated each year to ensure that Clay & Diamonds Ltd. keeps in line with all legal developments that take place within the education sector.

The History of Sex & Gender

What do we mean when we call each other man, woman and everything in between?

The project from which these resources came was called Orlando: The Queer Element and it explored the history of sex and gender from Ancient Greece to the modern day, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando: A Biography and Sally Potter’s 1992 film adaptation of that novel. Students do not have to have read the book or seen the film to understand but they could help broaden out the work.

Teacher Pack


Film1 (also on this page)


For more information on this project - its content and structure - click here.

Brain Structure and Brainwaves

An immersive mini-project based on The Midwich Experiment.

The narrative attached to this mini-project is that a series of villagers have fallen bizarrely and suddenly unconscious. It is based on the film The Village of the Damned and you could watch the trailer with your students here to get more of an idea of what it's about.

Human Attraction

To whom are we attracted and why? A study of human behaviour from a psychological and hormonal perspective

These two lessons were based upon the project What's the Grey Matter with Gregory? in which we explored the role that our hormones and neurotransmitters as well as our psychology play in helping us choose whom we are attracted to.

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